Bio - Pizzazzee

Piere Clark
Pizzazzee or Ms. “P”
Associate Buffalo Soldier
Yes, Piere (pronounced Pee Air) is my real name. My grand mother named me because she thought I looked like the famous Italian actress from the 60s (named Pier Angeli).  To my surprise, I’ve met two other African American women here in the Bay Area with the same first name.  Who would have thought?
Any how, I was born in Oakland, CA, attended Berkeley and Albany schools, and graduated from UOP with a Bachelors in Business Administration and currently work in the Administrative services field.
As an only child, my parents always felt the need to keep me busy in some sort of activities; tap dancing, bowling league, modeling, swimming, tennis lessons, camp every summer and horse back riding lessons. That explains my lust for life and the love of the outdoors and most of all -- surrounding myself with good people.  Oh yeah, did I mention, I’m also in a ski club or that Zip Lining in the forest is the ultimate rush?!  Maybe it’s the wind on my face that I enjoy!
I’ve been riding as a passenger for nine years and have always had intentions of getting my own bike (after raising the kids), but for now, as the sixth member of the East Bay Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers, I am delighted to be amongst others that enjoy sharing and teaching the Buffalo Soldier’s rich history and the enjoyment of riding those steel horses.
My blessing to all that thrive in the same spirit!