Bio - Big Six and Marie Lucille




What is a Bio? Do I tell you I like long walks on the beach? Horseback riding? Candlelight Dinners? Truth be told...the only long walk on a beach would be because I forgot where I parked trying to avoid paying the 5.00 dollar parking fee. The only time I was ever on a horse he stopped on the trail and when I went to kick him he looked me dead in the eye as if to say little boy you might not make it to tomorrow if you kick me. Needless to say we walked when he was ready. If the restaurant uses candles and we ain't sufferin from rolling blackouts (although I am connected with the man at PG&E-Make em' say UN na na na na)..I ain't eatin what I can't see.
That being said, lets see the basics:
Big Six --> name my grandfather called me..but I am a dominologist by trade
4 tats --> each has a story honoring 1) family 2) future wife 3) friends
--> graduated from UC Berkeley in Sociology with an emphasis on race and gender relations and a minor in African American Studies
--> graduated from Santa Clara School of Law with a degree to basically take your money..legally
--> I'm known for putting gifts on the train from washington (Gil Scott Heron-whatcha know about that youngster)
Musical tastes-->James Cleveland, Aretha, James Brown, Bill Withers, BB King, Little Milton, Gil Scott Heron, Robert Johnson, Bobby Blue Bland, Miles Davis, Temptations, Commodores, Satchmo, Ray Charles, Barry White, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Reba, Waylon Jennings, Mystikal, Run DMC, Untouchables, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse, Prince, Michael Jackson, Ronnie James Dio, Elton John, Tim McGraw, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Snoop, Pac, Biggie, Method Man, Redman, Phantom of the Opera, Mozart, Pachobel, New Edition, Wyclef, Teddy, Al Green, Lenny Williams,The Coasters, the Tops, and of course thee man..Chuck name a few
But what you really want to know is what being a Soldier (everybody wants to be a buffalo soldier) means to me right? FAMILY. Coming in from out of the rain. nothing can describe or compare to the pure joy of riding with good folk, except maybe the sound of my thunderheader pipes under a freeway overpass or setting off a car alarm...
Can I get some shout outs in a Bio?
--> To Him I give praise because for he watches over me.
--> to my momma- life ain't no crystal stair but we makin it. 2 carats I know..
--> pops-nuff said. you know. oh and I won't let my friends get me in trouble. I don't know about that streetlight thing tho'.
-->to my bro and sis- i always count you when I count my blessings truly two gifts who inspire
-->boogity boogity-Song of Solomon 6:3 SHMILY
What we gon' do now?
"Bobby,  I don't know...but whasinever I's got to be funky."(if you don't know you better ask somebody-ya' heard)
I'm Out.