Bio - Country



My name is Rush Jackson, also known as “Country”. My occupation is “Crashing Corners” and yes, I may be coming to a block near you. The bike I ride is the smooth laid back comforts of a black, 2007 Honda GoldWing.
I was born in Tennessee and moved to California in the late 70’s where my family settled in Daly City, Ca. My formal schooling was conducted in the San Mateo County education system. My love for the motorized two wheels started back in the mid 70’s riding on my best friend’s minibike back in Tennessee. Since that time my passion has continued on till this day.

As a middle-aged man, I enjoy time with my family, friends, martial arts and riding my GoldWing.
My interest in the Buffalo Soldiers came about when I began to seek out those with similar interest in riding. In my search, there were many notable organizations, but coming across the Buffalo Soldiers M/C and being somewhat aware of the legacy behind the name, brought about a calling that lead me to seek out more information about the family.
In seeking out information about the family/organization, the quote of, “It is a small world” attest itself to be true. My brother/co-worker Quincy Ruffin AKA “Sub Zero” happened to be a soldier in the Sacramento Chapter. From there I was introduced to my brother Michael AKA “Big Six”, former Vice Prez of the Sacramento Chapter, and the bond was sealed, family. With the assembling of my fellow brothers Michael “Big Six”, Quincy “Sub Zero”, and Marc "Mr. Mann”, the East Bay chapter was formed.
In this gathering, the “East Bay” chapter represents the organization’s proud historical name, legacy and mindset.
The motto: One Club, One Patch and One mindset will continue on in this chapter of the “East Bay” Soldiers.