Bio - Journey



My name is Donna “Journey” Golphin. I enjoyed growing up in the fun “Hippy Town” of Berkeley California, where almost everyone seemed to know everyone. In Berkeley, I was always involved in some type of activity from running track, acting in plays, fishing with my family to high school cheerleading . In the summer of 1976, my brother introduced me to a friend of his, AKA “N2Deep”, and yes, he has been “in too deep” ever since! We have been married for 32 years and are the parents of three grown sons, and a one grandson.

With Deep serving in the United States Coast Guard, we were able to travel to new and interesting places. Starting in Leavenworth Kansas, where I went to school and gained a license in vocational nursing, and ending in Wahiawa Hawaii, where we met and gained many lifelong friends and happy memories.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed riding as the “Babe on the back” of Deep’s bike, and in the spring of 2008, I rode along with Deep, and our new group of friends, the East Bay Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. Our journey took us to the San Francisco Presidio, were we listened to a very informative presentation by the park ranger about the 9th and 10th Calvary of the Buffalo Soldiers. There I learned several interesting things about the Soldiers, and the importance of what the motorcycle club stands for. Since that day, I’ve been on many enjoyable rides, and have attended several family oriented functions with the club. Recently I have become a part of this special family, as one of the club’s newest associate members.

As I’ve traveled along many different roads in this life, I’ve learned that life is truly a “Journey”, and I’m ready for more, so let’s ride!