Bio - Mr. Mann


It was in December of 1981 approaching my 18th birthday when I hoped my father would indulge me with the gift of a new street motorcycle that I’ve been dreaming about for years. When that day came, my father presented me with an envelope bearing a gift that I thought would be the ultimate.
Was it a gift certificate for a new KZ600R motorcycle at the local Kawasaki dealership? Or maybe the envelope contained the keys to a new Honda CB900F I hoped was sitting in the garage. These were my thoughts as I opened up the envelope and pulled out a brochure for recruitment as a US Army Soldier. What h--- was this? I said to myself accepting it with a smile on my face. My father had 33 years of service in the United States Army and would like nothing more than to se his son become a soldier and this was his way of encouraging me in that direction. But I had other plans.
Born in Berkeley and raised in Santa Cruz, I’ve been riding and racing dirt bikes since the age of 12. As I grew older, I yearned for the street bike my father said I would never have while I lived under his roof. A basketball scholarship later landed me at San Jose State University and I managed to pull out a degree in Sociology. I began my career in law enforcement in 1993 and now work as a police officer. Married with three children and happy as a lark I am. I couldn’t ask for anything more…but I did.
25 years after my disappointing 18th birthday gift, I finally obtained that street bike of my dreams, a 2001 Heritage Softail. I even upgraded it. And as for my father, he now has the Soldier of sort he had hoped for, a Buffalo Soldier. I am a proud member of the East Bay Buffalo Soldiers.
Remember, patience is a virtue.
Marc Dinkins