Bio - Suga Bear

Suga Bear

Born in France as a Military Brat. I Started school in Hawaii. Pops transferred to Presidio, making San Francisco home where my Granny and mother side of the family lived via Texarkana. Growing up in the city where the village raised the child. So many relatives and friends, so many who weren’t relatives, but you thought they were. Where the lady down the street chastised you and when your Mama got home, she told on you. We’re missing that now a days. Back in those days is when I found my love for riding “mini bike days”, when my garage was the neighborhood garage/chopshop from front forks to rubber band throttles “He…He” From the Taco to the Cat, Briggs & Spratons, everybody knew to meet back at my house.

While growing up, played a little, ball (Go Bucs), had a fan, time to grow up, daughter on the way. Dreams of being the next Richard Pryor had to wait. Joined the Army 18th Airborne. [“Airborned Daddy gonna take a little trip, stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door, jump right out count to 4. If my chute don’t open round, I’ll be the first man on the ground”.] Then the 7th Division, Week of the Bayonet”, joined the boxing team then realized, I don’t like getting hit!!!

After the service, lived in Las Vegas were my pops was a retired Sergeant Major “OK?”. Worked, attended school and met 2nd baby girl mama, showgirl, NOT, show-out! Soon after, Postal Service called, took the job, moved back to SF and a few years later, met Ruthie aka Blessed Assured at the job. Blessed I was!!! We married, two sons joined us soon after. I am now working for the US Post Service for 33 years. After coaching sports for a long time, 14 years later, I found myself not able to be a fan to watch my sons play or past players and no time for me to ride. So last year, I stepped back from coaching to give me and Blessed Assured time to ride. Blessed Assured wasn’t happy riding on the muscle bike back then. So after my GPZ, Ninja GSXR-ZX11, it was time to get my HOG!!! Then in 2005, stepped up to the plate and got my Electra Glide Classic “Suga’ Ma-sheen” Blessed Assured will ride.

One thing the military and coaching has taught me is to be proud and if you’re going to lead or teach, let it be what’s right. And If I’m going to ride with the Motorcycle Club, let it be a club that’s proud and willing to represent our history, our morals, our people and our heroes, carrying on the legacy. And in the search for that, I came across a lot of MCs, but none represented that, till I saw the Buffalo Soldiers. The day I saw the Buffalo Soldiers, a sense of pride and respect filled my heart. Now I ride beside my brothers and sisters that feel the way I do.

I’m proud to be a Buffalo Soldier!!!